Women’s Match Report: Astra HC vs DIHC

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Sat 7th of November: Astra HC vs DIHC in Loughlinstown Community Centre at 18.30

Dublin International HC Ladies get an important victory against big rival – Astra HC.

Loughlinstown Sports Centre was the venue where Astra HC played host against our ladies. Coach Eva Herzeg expected a tough match against the former champions. DIHC started the match superbly, taking a 5-1 lead in the first 10 minutes. Astra could not find the key to unlock DI’s defence. Astra came back to 5-3 but from there on, the game stabilised with The Internationals inching away. Both sets of goalkeepers showed signs of good form. Half time arrived and our girls had a healthy lead of 13 – 6.
Second half, Astra changed their defence to 5.1 and then to 3.2.1 in order to stop the ladies in black, before they got to a potential shooting position. Game got a little scrappy and our attack lost shape and concentration. Astra took advantage and reduced the deficit to 4 goals.

Coach Herzeg called a timeout and got DI HC back on the field re-motivated. Defence got back up to speed and some long range cannonade from Thuriane Le Guen. Within minutes the difference of 7 to 8 goals was restored however a fantastic performance from Astra’s keepers kept them in game.

The game somewhat lost the shape, but to no difference in the score line. Unfortunately during that period DI HC playmaker Betina Bordas suffered a game ending injury, we expect a medical update in next few days.

Woman of the Match: Thuriane Le Guen with 8 goals