Women’s Match Report: UCD vs DIHC

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Sun 1st of November: UCD vs DIHC in UCD sports centre at 10.30 am

DIHC – defending their title – start the season with a convincing victory against UCD 23-31

women UCD DIHC
UCD vs DIHC, coach time

Only a week after winning the Edinburgh International Handball Tournament, DI ladies were impatient to start the IOHA league. Unfortunately a lot of the players were sick or unavailable for this first match…

But very quickly all the doubt was gone as the DI ladies completely surprised their opposition between the outstanding saves from Velta Vuskane and the virtuosity of our two new french players, Laura Joly  and Thuriane  Le Guen. They took the lead and cruised comfortably ahead, unfortunately Thuriane had to step out for a little while after receiving a ball straight in the face…Ingrid Laursen also had to step out for a shoulder pain and DI had only two substitutes. UCD took advantage of these misadventures to remobilise their troops and attempt a come back.

At the start of the second half DI was leading 10-17 with Thuriane back in play. The ladies in black and red just had to control the match. They did it with success, led by Laura Joly, real poison for the UCD side finishing the match with 15 goals. Our junior players did well too as Naomi Bodiu score 3 goals and Lucy Kouznetsova 2. Good victory in the bag with a few lesson learned: 4 penalties missed and too many gaps in defence.

Let’s see what they are able to do with a full squad next week against Astra.

Woman of the match: Laura Joly with 15 goals
Good performance: Velta Vuskane