DIHC History

Prerequel of DIHC:

The club was established in 1999 by Colin Brosnan and named DIT Handball Club.

Halfway through the first season, 1999/2000, the club struggled to distinguish itself from handball, as opposed to Olympic handball, and so the club took the name DIT Scorpions.

Playing out of Mountjoy Square, the club’s first season ended without a win. Not until the 2001/02 season did the club record its first ever win, which was replicated later in the season. The club eventually managed to claim 2nd place in the league’s second division, after losing the division final to Dagda from the Lughnasa Handball Club. The club also held the first Irish Olympic Handball Intervarsity event, finishing third behind winners DCU and second place to UCD.

During the 2005/06 season, the club claimed its first National Championship and made the historic move to participate, as the first Irish club team ever, in the EHF Challenge Cup. This historic step was taken even further when the club agreed to organize the tournament. Due to the strict EHF rules on venues, we were not allowed to host the tournament in Ireland so the club reached out to a club in Hamm, Germany to host the tournament for us. They did so successfully. The teams that played where Locomotiv-Polyot Cheljabinsk (RUS), TIME Burevestnik, Luhansk (UKR) and University of Manchester HC (ENG).

Since Dublin International entered the competition, it has opened the door to other Irish teams, allowing them to participate in international competitions.

The Golden age:

In the most recent history of the club, we parted company with DIT and reformed as Dublin International in 2007, so the 2008/09 season brought more change to the team, as it was the first one with his new satus . This was followed by a highly successful season. D.I.H.C. finished the year undefeated and were crowned National Champions after an epic final.

In September 2009, Dublin International Handball Club lost the first and unique at this day Anglo-Irish cup, against Great Dane by 35-32, after a really intense match.

Dublin International has remained undefeated in Irish competition since their 2008 winning, a record of 5 consecutive national championships was made.

We also participate to three EHF challenge cup in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with a notorious win against olympia handball (EN) in 2011.

The expanding age:

Unfortunately DI HC has this first loose in the all Ireland final in 2012/13 against Astra after an epic match going to overtime. The same year Dublin International got a brand new home in Phibblestown after few year of wait. Since then DI had all the tools to grow the club, so for the 2013/14 season DI launch a women team which success to get the bronze medal during the IOHA cup. In the same time The men team succeed to get back this title after another epic match against Astra.

After a season 2014/2015 which saw DIHC won the All-Ireland championship for both men and women, DIHC decide to launch his young section, to prepare the future of DI.

The season 2015/2016 start well as the women team won the Edinburgh Handball International Tournament 2015 in October. But who knew that it was just it was an appetizer for DIHC, indeed Dublin International did the perfect year with 2 Irish Championships and 2 Irish cups.  The Irish cup 2016 was a more historical moment for DIHC as the club register two men’s team, which succeed to arrive both undefeated  in final. After an epic final with overtime the second team based on previous DIHC players won the trophy.

If you had this seventh title with the 4 irish cups, this is our 11th major trophy in 8 years for the men team and 2 Irish title an 1 Irish cup for the women. So in 8 years, DIHC won 14th major trophy in Ireland.