The Women’s Team

2017/2018 All Ireland Runner up


DI olympic handball
DIHC womens are All-Ireland Champions 2015

A years after the creation of the team, the women team won is first Irish All-Ireland Championship following the steps of the mens team. It’s a huge achievement but not a surprise for who know the potential and dedication of this young team. We are very glad about the good alchemy between them and also with the men team. We wish them to keep going with the same spirit and dedication, because we are sure that a lot of others succes will follow.

The women team is currently 10 playing member, but we are looking for more to join the fun. If you would like to play, whether you are a beginner or an experienced handball player, please come along to one of our practices (why not reach out to us?) – feel free to drop us an email to confirm, just in case there is any change or cancellation!