EHF Challenge Cup

DIHC have participate to 3 EHF challenge cup from 2009 to 2012. Find below the result and the top scorers of these different campaigns.


  • 20011/2012 In Msida (MT)
    • DIHC vs Aloysians Prominent 19-21 (8-8)
    • Ruislip Eagles HC vs DIHC 30-27 (13-14)
    • DIHC vs London GD HC 26-31 (12-16)
  • 2010/2011 in Buzet (CRO)
    • HC Polytechnik vs DIHC 33-24 (18-9)
    • DIHC vs Buzet 24-31 (9-17)
    • DIHC vs Olympia Handball 30-26 (15-13)
  • 2009/2010 in Sisak (CRO)
    • Drammen HK vs DIHC 43-11 (20-5)
    • DIHC vs Pals Groep/E&O 20-39 (8-19)
    • RK Siscia vs DIHC 48-15 (23-4)

It’s important to notice that DIT which was lead by the future founders member of DIHC, was the first team In Ireland to participate to the EHF Challenge Cup during the season 2006/2007.

  • As DIT, 2006/2007 in Hamm (GER):
    • Locomotiv-Polyot Cheljabinsky vs DIT 32-10 (18-4)
    • DIT vs Time Burevestnik, Luhansk 14-37 (3-18)
    • DIT vs University of Manchester HC 18:24 (11-10)

DIHC players table from EHF match report:

DIHC best scorer in EHF

These numbers are coming from the EHF website unfortunately two mistake have been done in the match report. In 2006/2007 Boris Selak was goalkeeper so he didn’t score 4 goals but Marko Brezak did. And in 2009/2010, Malie David was injured he got 5 goals that should be attributed to Tomas Martinonis. By consequence Tomas Matinonis is at the moment,  the Best DIHC scorer in European Competition.

In green are the players from DIT that didn’t play for DIHC in european competition.