DIHC Young Stars

You are between 8 and 16 years old you love handball or want to try another sport, here are some question/answers for you:

Why playing with DIHC:

DIHC junior girl
A family story, well done to our junior girl

With Dublin International HC  you will be trained by experienced, successful and dedicated coaches. You will have the possibility to play in your future for the most successful club in All-Ireland.

DIHC have provide 3 players to the Irish National Team for the last match against Team England, the 29 august 2015. One of our young player 2 years ago was playing for the junior team of Barcelona (One of the most famous team of olympic handball in the world)

2 of our juniors girls are playing with the senior team currently and perform well, One was Irish champion last year.

You will also trained in the best facilities for Handball in all Dunlin

How to play with DIHC:

To play with DIHC, you just have to come to a training (the first one is free) to see if you like it. If you like it, just talk to the person in charge and he will explain you everything.

Training are mixed and take place every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm in Phibblestown Community Centre, Ongar (map).

To get more information please contact us on dublinint@gmail.com

and follow our Facebook profile for regular updates.

Why playing Olympic Handball:

  • Team Sport which require agility and physic:

Like all team sports , handball is a great way to build team spirit . Sport where it is complicated to make a difference alone – even when one is far superior to his opponents – handball requires a perfect understanding with his team mates as defendant, attack. He therefore requested an adjustment to the collective, if one is a talented player above average or below.

Even if power is a valuable quality – especially at the shooting – handball requires above all a very good agility ball in hand . Succeeding a good pass to find a team mate, know their way to the goal by dribbling , making feints to deceive opponents are all essential assets if we want to reach a good level . To progress, the repetition of gestures in training is essential.

Handball allows harmonious development of the body. If the arms are in high demand when one is carrying the ball , while the lower body is in continual effort when you enter the field, with the sequence of races and jumps. Not to mention the lap belt , it is necessary to strengthen to be effective…

  • Why playing Handball in Ireland:

First of all, It’s an indoor sport, so it avoid to be completely wet when we play or watch a game. It’s also a sport which the philosophy whose it not so far from the official Irish sport. As we said before it requires physic and agility, and contact are allow so the famous Irish Spirit will be an advantage.

Unfortunately, the Irish National Team have a small pull of players for both female and male as junior and senior. So if you are dedicated and work hard you may have the opportunity to join them in their adventure.