Men’s match report: UCC vs DIHC

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Sat 21st Feb: UCC vs DIHC at Mardyke Arena at 4 pm

Despite an (relatively) early trip down to Cork – a good squad showed up at the Mardyke Arena including our fervent Romanian supporters (thanks again guys)! Match starts very well for Cork and by the time DI wakes up UCC is leading 6-2. DI’s left winger – Dragos Busuioc – leads the group by getting 4 of the first 5 DI’ goals (5th goal from the new recruit – Piotr Milian)… UCC’s gate keeper shows a few very good saves and get the group of supporters from the south existed. Janek Complak & Hichem Sefroun ‎(العنوان خاطيء) – after a few misses – follow the example set by Dragos and get some goals on the board. In the opposition, the right back wearing the number 15 keeps UCC in the lead by getting a few very goals against a strong defence. At the break UCC is in the lead by 3 points – 17-14.

Back on the field, DI increases the rythme in defence, the ball starts turning smoothly & Tomas Martinonis starts opening fire. UCC – with a single man on the bench – slows down in defence. Quickly enough DI takes the lead helped by its keeper – Jakov Filip Grgurev – smartly lunching fast breaks. Janek leads the show for the Dublin attack with a few acrobatic goals and Hichem nails the keeper down 5 times in this second half. Referees call it done at 35-29 in the favour of the Dubliners.

Men of the match: Dragos Busuioc (8 goals) Janek Complak (10 goals)

Great Performance: Hichem Sefroun (8 goals)

Special Thank you: DI’s supporters who made it down to Cork