Men’s Match Report: DIHC vs UCD

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Sat 19th of April: DIHC vs UCD in Phibblestown at 3.30 pm

Match cancelled earlier in the season… Usual start for DI – slow… Thankfully Dragos Busuioc on the left wing & Paulo B.N. on the line quickly recovered the situation. DI’s defence is strengthening through the first half but this does not seem to impact the UCD players very much. Dragos on the wing has found the way to the net and keeps at it. Captain Tomas Martinonis at the back follows the same recipe and either finds the goal or Paulo on the line who does find the goal as well. Things look good at half time – DI is in the lead by 3 points.

DI keeps cruising in the second half sometimes destabilised by good actions on the right hand side of their keeper. Centre player – Rene Schulz – gets 3 nice goals in this half to complete the job mostly done by Tomas and Dragos. Also note some good moves from Dani Ninho Felíss for the left back or centre position. DI enjoys the last whistle from the referees giving them a 30 to 27 win.

Man of the match: Dragos Busuioc with 10 goals
Good performance: Tomas Martinonis (7 goals) & Paulo B.N. (5 goals)