Men’s Match Report: DIHC vs UCD

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Sat 6th of February: DIHC vs UCD in Phibelstown Community Centre at 2 pm

First face to face for this 2 teams this season… The atmosphere is serious at warm up – both teams getting ready for the worst not exactly knowing what to expect from each other. UCD needs to points and DIHC is not ready to let them away at home.

UCD gets straight into the game and take advantage of a loose defence from their opponents to get 3 points within just a few minutes. DIHC attempt to fight back but miss the target twice from the left wing. DI needs to get in the game – and they do. Dragos Busuioc on the left wing show the way by scoring 2 successive goals from the wing followed by a impressive series from the line player Goran Še. Simultaneously UCD hits on the keeper Regis Loubatiere well assisted by a very good defence. Coach Tomas Martinonis rotates the team to keep players fresh and efficient. After 20 mins – DI leads 11-3. UCD get back in the game and start scarring while DI counters well. When half time comes DI wins 17-9.

With a comfortable lead DI starts the second half with good confidence. Most players get a decent play time and DI comforts the lead even further pretty quickly with some good defensive play and some very good saves from keeper Pedro Magnani. The referees call the end of the game and give DI a win at 32-19. Very good performance from DI and deception for UCD who will now need to win every games left to have a chance to make it to the final.

Men of the match: the keepers – Pedro Magnani & Regis Loubatiere

Best scorer: Goran Še with 10 goals

Next game on the 21rd of February in UCD – hope to see you all there! For further events please check out our senior teams calendar.

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