Men’s Match Report: DIHC vs UCC

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Sat 29th of January: DIHC vs UCC in Phibelstown Community Centre at 2 pm

First game of 2016 for both team – the students from UCC came to visit DIHC. The ambiance was good – good few supporters – the game can start.

After just a few minutes the line player Goran Še finds the way to score 3 of DI’s first 5 goals. The right back player from UCC – Paul Coupel replies very well with 3 consecutive goals. UCC kept a good shoot efficiency through the first half while DIHC hit on the keeper always well positioned. However with only 2 players on the bench UCC let the gaps open a bit wider in defence and DI – with 16 players on the match sheet – manage to take advantage and run into them. Gianni Goretti – well helped by Marius Daec – in the back is instrumental in making this happen. Half time closes at 17 – 14 in favour of the Dubliners.

DI starts the second in more serenity than the first half. Gianni Goretti steps up on UCC’s right back number 23 in defence to ease the job – with good execution it works well. DI manages to comfort its lead quickly enough and get to turn the team and keep players running. On the other side UCC get more tired and loss a bit of shot efficiency. 12 of the 14 DI’s field players get on the score sheet. Referees Rowan Maher & Ricardo Silva Rodrigues call it done with a final score of 35 to 27 for the host – DIHC.

Good and fair game for both teams. Thank you to our friends from UCC to make their way up to us and thanks to all the public who made it to support DI – we hope to see again next weekend for a match against UCD. See club calendar.

You can also read UCC’s report at this link

Man of match: Gianni Goretti with 5 goals, very good offensive leadership and very good 1 on 1 defence.

Great performance: Goran Še with 9 goals and a lot of space created!