Men’s Match Report: DIHC vs Lughnasa

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Sat 11th of April: DIHC vs Lughnasa in Phibblestown at 3.30 pm

Tough start for DIHC – post few injuries on the squad – not the full effective is present at warm up today. However moral seems good enough. 5 minutes into the game Lughnasa takes the lead by a couple of goals. Not very worried DIHC does not seem to react at all and let it go. DIHC defence is poor and Lughnasa plays well – this is also very true for the offensive phases. Thanks to some great solo goals Lughnasa sits on the bench at half time with a 7 points lead 18 to 11. Note a very good performance from Dragos Busuioc on the wing during this first half.

Tough chat with his players at half time captain Tomas Martinonis is putting the accent on the defence. Back in the game the defence is working better is the keepers can start to work. 10 minutes into the second half DI is back 4 points away thanks to a few good saves and some nice attacks. Lughnasa is fighting back but DI manages to close the gap to only 2 goals 5 minutes before the end. Couple of nice saves from Lughnasa keeper and 1 more ball in the net from their field players and the referees call the end of the game at 27-30.

The defeat takes DI down to the 3 position in the league a game behind Lughnasa second and Astra first. Next game is against UCD 4th in the league – DI will need to win to stay well enough positioned in the table pre play-off entry. Please come and support us next Sunday at Phibblestown!

Man of the match: ‎Regis Loubatiere (I swear i did not pick myself!)