Men’s Match Report: DIHC vs Lughnasa HC

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Sat 21st of November: DIHC vs Lughnasa HC in Phibelstown Community Centre at 4.30 pm

Dublin International HC continues the impressive Premier League run. After a hard fought victory against Astra HC, DI HC welcomed Lughnasa HC at the home turf in Phibblestown Community Centre. 

This opponent was always a tense affair in the past, the latest instalment being the last years Final4 semi final. Good fight was expected from the DI HC President, Thomas Grassl. Lughnasa was surely not going to be a pushover. The best news of the day was the return of Eder Da Silva(Carol E Eder) back to the field after a horrific injury and years of absence from handball. A little out of shape and rusty, still produced a little bit of magic on occasion.

It started great for the Dublin 15 men with Dragos Busuioc opening the score, followed by two from Goran Še. While Pedro Magnani collected four saves in first five minutes, Blodow and Deac pushed the score to 5 – 0 DI.

Lughnasa’s keeper – Daz Hallows – started to pick up saves brilliantly and not long after the Tallaght men reduced the deficit to 2 goals, signalling they’re back in the game. It was back and forth for a while and DI men brought the difference back to 5 goals with ten minutes to go in the first half. A lot of substitutions and Lughnasa made it 16 – 14 at the break.

Coach Tomas Martinonis was not the happy camper in the dressing room. Not sure what he said during the half time, but it worked. The Men in Black came out firing on all cylinders. It was like seeing a finely designed machine finally shifting into the higher gear. Good Lughnasa team battled hard, but when Magnani closed the gate for whole ten minutes, there was always going to be only one winner. Hallows saved a couple and threw for counters, giving Lughnasa hope, but Pedro was an unsolvable enigma for their shooters. 

DI emptied the bench and all the guys got to play some good time. It was good to see the intensity of the game did not ween. Many got on the scoresheet and Loubatiere built the saves stats to a total of 20.

Final score Dublin International HC 34 – Lughnasa HC 22

Man of the match: Pedro Magnani with 14 saves

Magnani 14 saves, Loubatiere 6 saves,

Buscioc 1, Seselj 8, Blodow 4, Deac 7, Goretti 5, Golban 2, Milian 1, Da Silva 1, Brugeolle 2, Feuerstein 3, Danita, Petersen, SoyerGrassl

Coach: Tomas Martinonis


Coach post Lughnasa game Tomas Martinonis – Coach

DI HC 34 – Lughnasa 22 Pedro Magnani – Man of the Match