Men’s Match Report: DIHC vs HBCLL

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Sat 29th of January: DIHC vs HBCLL in Phibelstown Community Centre at 4 pm

IMG-20160130-WA0002The HBCLL – Hand Ball Club Langogne Lafayette – is the club of origin of Roxane Jaffuel who actively played with DI’s ladies teams. “Papa” Philippe Jaffuel – still playing on the HBCLL senior men’s team – had the great idea to come over to Ireland for a quick game.


Well prepared the HBCLL has 12 players on the match and is warming up seriously. After a quick exchange a presents and a hand shake – it is time to start! DI starts well with a few of goals from good offencive actions well lead by GianniIMG-20160130-WA0001 Goretti & Marius Daec at the back. The HBCLL does not let DI break away and come straight back in the game with good moves from the back lines and scoring from about every positions. Referees Boris Selak Christian J. Petersen(Viking-pet) call both teams to the bench at half time just after Dragos Busuioc scores a beautiful equaliser for DI now at 19 all.

In the second half – DI gets straight back in with 4 nice goals from Goran Še in first 10 mins. The young player Titouan Monnier – with 5 goals in this half – and Philippe Jaffuel – 4 goals in this half – complete some great movements to counter the Irish team. DI’s back line – Gianni GorettiDragos Busuioc & Tomas Martinonis do the necessary to keep DI in the lead.

The french keeper Alexi Vincent came pretty well on the challenges and made some very good saves. Jakov Filip Grgurev in DI’s goals also showed a few nice push outs…

To end a very fair and entertaining game of handball – the referees end the game with DI in the lead 38-32.

Best scorers:  Goran Še (DI) – 9 goals, Titouan Monnier (HBCLL) – 8 goals, Philippe Jaffuel (HBCLL) – 7 goals, Gianni Goretti (DI) & Dragos Busuioc (DI) – 6 goals.

For more information visit the HBCLL website or their Facebook page

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Merci beaucoup à nos nouveau amis Langonais pour la visite et à leurs supporteurs qui, comme la rumeur le dit, ont bien encouragé leurs joueurs.

received_10208431298004727Nous avons, bien évidement, apprécié la rencontre sportive en 3 mi-temps (voir 4…).

Nous apprécions également l’invitation pour une visite de Langogne reçu et espérons bien pouvoir vous prendre aux mots dès que possible !