Men’s match report: DIHC vs ASTRA

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Sat 17th Jan: DIHC vs Astra at Phibblestown at 3 pm

DI! DI. DI… Game started well today! DI gets in the game very well with a few impressive goals from Hichem Sefroun in diverse positions. Conor Molloy on the wing also decides to tick the box to give DI a confortable 5 points lead 10 mins before the end of first half. After a very good performance of Astra’s keeper, DI seats on bench at half time leading 12-11. Early in the second half Astra takes the lead by defending very well and scoring a few good counter attacks. DI fails to finding a path to the goal – stopped by either a good defence or a great keeper. Hichem hits the woodwork 3 times in a row, Captain Tomas Martinonis hits the keeper twice in a row, 20 mins after half time DI has only scored 2 goals and missed about 6 penalties… Astra is now on the way to victory and relaxes the defences slightly – Conor takes advantage of this to get a few more goals. Referees Kari Andresson & Alex Kulesh call the end of the match at 19-26. First defeat of the season for DI… Note a good performance in defence through the game despite a not very pretty scoreboard with David Lopez Pinheiro role modelling at 10 meters.

Men of the match: David Lopez Pinheiro

Great Performance: Conor Molloy

Special Note: Glad to see Hichem and David back after some time away from the pitch! Welcome back Guys.