Men’s Match Report: Astra HC vs DIHC

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Sun 8th of November: Astra HC vs DIHC in Loughlinstown Community Centre at 9.30 am

Second league game of the season for DI… Firstly at 9.30 am and secondly on Sunday morning – may be some new strategic planning from Astra on this one! lol

2015/2016 season is no different than the previous seasons – Astra HC was going to be a tough visit! The men in blue only had 2 substitutes on the bench but were ready to receive DIHC in its full set up – 16 players on the match sheet.

Good opening of the game a couple of goals from DI’s line player – Goran Še – followed by a few free runs through the defence by the back players Gianni Goretti & Marius Deac. The blue back line decided that they will not let that happen and countered perfectly with a shared effort led by Omar Alsaffar with 6 goals scored in first half only. Tomas Vítko Vít & Dónal O’Doherty in blue smartly took advantage of a too gentle black defence to settle Astra HC in lead. DI is sent to the bench at half time with a 4 points deficit. Hard talk from coach Tomas Martinonis asking his players to start playing together…

Second half starts well from DI, defence has seriously strengthen and the right back player – Aivaras Janusauskas – makes the right calls as well as the right winger Xabier Munoz Barruet. Ten minutes into the second half DI is now in the lead by a couple of goals. Astra is now facing some complications in attack due to a very organised defence from the men in red. Note some very good defencing move from the line player – Goran Še – as well as the left winger – Quentin Soyer (Квентин) and a very nice couple of saves from DI’s keeper – Pedro Magnani. Despite this good work from DI, Omar and Donal keep Astra in game. Only three minutes to the end DI is in lead by a single goal and has ball in hand. After a well constructed attack the ring winger – Bogdan Danita – finds a magic pass to the line player, Goran finishes perfectly to put DI in a more comfortable position – 2 points ahead. From there, Astra gets very little possibilities and DI gets a few good counter attacks to close the game at 28 – 23. A five points advantage not very representative but well achieved.

Overall a very good game of handball for such an early Sunday morning! Obviously the DI side was showing all the symptoms of a base a play – lots of new player and was facing a well establish team. However the red jerseys performed. Great hopes for this new squat.

DI supporters, thank you for watching and thank you for reading.

Man of the match: Goran Še with 10 goals