Women’s Match report: UCD vs DIHC

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Sun 16th Nov – Ladies: UCD vs DIHC at UCD.
Friendly game – not so friendly! Our Ladies started the game as anyone would a Sun at 12am… lol. 10 minutes later and a couple of goals behind they had woken up. Good play started to take place from the trio at the back. Sophie Vicente in the middle lead the game creating positions for her two super shooters Roxane Jaffuel and Aleksandra Radzewicz. After a few important defencive action from Aleksandra and a couple of good goals from Eva Herczeg on the right wing, DIHC was leading 23-20 with 8 minutes left on the clock. UCD took their opportunities and came back in the game to take the lead. Unable to counter the blue jerseys – our ladies left the pitch with a defeat 27-25 but a good lesson learnt – don’t give up…
Note also a good performance from Ingrid Laursen on the line with 3 goals.
Thank you public – not as large as we would expect considering the number of these ladies supporting the men’s team! (hidden message to the boys!)
Lady of the game: Roxane Jaffuel with 11 goals.