2 Locations are Important when you play handball with DIHC, Phibblestown Community Center our Home for match and training and Heuston station meeting point for the lift of the senior teams to go to match and training.

  • Phibblestown Community Center

Since 2012, DIHC has been playing and training in Phibblestown community centre.

It is one of the best facilities in Ireland to play olympic handball after Cork.

By Bus: We do recommend the 39A

By Car: From N3, take Clonee – Exit 4, through the first roundabout on next roundabout turn left and on the following turn right. Enter the School/Community Centre

Directions: Phibblestown Community Centre

  • Heuston Station:

For the Senior teams we organise a lift from Heuston station before every match and training.

Directions: Heuston Station

If you want to participate to the lift, please contact us here.