Friendly Women’s Match Report: DIHC vs UCD

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IMG_5522Sat 21st of November: DIHC vs UCD in Phibelstown Community Centre at 2.30 pm

If you did not know this was a friendly game, you would not have guessed it by watching it!

Very good start by the girls in blue who get in the lead straight ahead… DIHC is behind by about 3 goals all the way through the first half despite some great play in attack and some great goals. The black defence does not seem to be able to cop with the blue waves of attack.

Back on the field DI’s right back – Thuriane Le Guen – gets the left arm in action to totalise 10 goals by the end the game. Another great performance from this player. However UCD has the key to unlock DI’s defence – the blue back line hits the DI’s keepers very hard scoring from any postions… UCD back line finishes with 6 goals from the centre, 10 goals from right back and 7 goals from the left side – very impressive score balance which explain well the difficulties that DI’s defence has…

Final score 25 – 30 – first loss of the season for DI’s ladies. Few lessons to take back to training. Great game to watch.