First stage of the IOHA cup

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Start of the IOHA handball cup

Another busy weekend for Dublin International, but this time it’s for the Irish cup.

This season, the Irish cup will be played in two rounds, one in November (this weekend, 28th and 29th of november) as group stages and one in the last week end of February (the 27th and 28th) as play offs. Both events will be hosted in Gormanstown college.

And this year, Dublin International has 3 teams engaged, 1 ladies team and 2 men teams. The backbone of the first men team will be our current league team. And the second men team will be a mix between our former players and some addition from the league team. The ladies team will be our normal team with some former players.

The schedule has been released, DI M1 will play the saturday afternoon and DI W as well as DI M2 will play on sunday morning. (see below)

Irish Handball cup 2015-2016 group stage
Group stage of the Irish handball cup 2015/2016

There are still places available for the second team, so if you are a former player of DIHC, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible (same if your are available in february)

We will update the score on twitter so don’t hesitate to follow us. (@DublinInt)

Important in term of organisation:

Ladies please let Gabi know about your availability asap, and Tomas if you need a lift, as usual meeting point will be at heuston station.

For the men, if you are not available on Saturday but only on Sunday let Tomas know asap but you have to be aware that players won’t be allowed to transfer across teams between november and february stages.

In term of transport, if you are driving, let Tomas know so he can organise carpooling…

Hope that we will see a lot of our supporters during these two days and also that it will be a nice week end for the handball in Ireland.