In Dublin International Handball Club we receive many requests for sponsorships every year. Our sponsorship policy is designed to give you the best possible basis to support your request. Before you draw up your request, please familiarize yourself with Dublin International Handball Club, our story and our values, and our motivations for entering into sponsorships.

We endeavor that your sponsorships will support our club and promise you “Quite simply – a good deal“. Below you can read more about the criteria we choose our sponsorships from.

Objective of sponsorship

Sponsorship’s are an integral part of our overall club development efforts. This means that we attach great importance to our sponsorship supports and the messages contained in other marketing.

Below you will find a number of points that embodies our approach to sponsorship’s in more detail and provides insight into how we use sponsorship’s at Dublin International Handball Club.

  • Dublin International Handball Club go through requests that could create unique content that supports and enables our values; Good value for money, simple (no frill), straightforward, energetic and at eye level. The sponsorship must also be able to support our club and promise you a “Quite simply – a good deal”, as used in communication.
  • Dublin International Handball Club through the sponsorship could create competitive advantages, such as access to unique resources and unique events / opportunities.
  • The Sponsorship request is thorough and includes process description, financial and expected results.
  • There must be a natural link between Dublin International Handball Club’s and sponsorship values.
  • The sponsorship should be able to provide value to Dublin International Handball Club’s audiences.

Generally Club

  • Dublin International Handball Club does not affiliate or provide support for political and/or religious parties.
  • Sponsorship’s will contain more options than just exposure and ownership of a logo.
  • We prefer to enter into strategic sponsorship with partners who conduct thorough market research and evaluation reports.

Decision Process

  1. All requests are reviewed in relation to Dublin International Handball Club’s sponsorship strategy and values.
  2. Requests must be received at least three months before Dublin International Handball Club expected to conclude an agreement, and a minimum of six months before the sponsorship to be activated.
  3. We endeavor to reply to all requests within 14 working days.

If you are interested in becoming an official partner, please contact us.


Current sponsorship Opportunities: