Dublin International HC introduces 2011/2012 Team

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Dublin International Handball Club started the preparation for the next season with mix of old and new players on this season’s roster. The team again gained some great players and some talents for the future and everyone is excited to see them in action. Only losses to the team are Jasmin Nukic whose work took him to Kuwait and Chris O’Reilly, whom we expected to rejoin the team after spending a year in UCD HC. Instead Chris accepted an offer of contract in Germany. Good Luck Chris and Jasmin! Back bone to the team remained mostly unchanged and the roster is almost finalized. Another keeper is a must and a lefty or two would not come astray.

Coach Boris Selak will have at his disposal the following line-up:

Tomas Martinonis – Trusted captain and coach’s right hand is year after year proving to be irreplaceable wheel in DI HC machine. Best player two years in a row will be nightmare for any opponent during the season.

Nicolas Fredin – The French octopus was one of the best last tears additions to the team and team can count on his shot stopping abilities for another season.

Vaidas Bratauskas – Experienced Lithuanian goalie will most likely not travel to Malta but his efforts will be appreciated on domestic scene.

Magnus Sean Clarke – Coach expects nothing but “120%” from the Norwegian as this is his last DI campaign. We’re sure the pivotman will deliver.

Bojan Kambic – Croat has missed last Euro campaign, but improved fitness should see him play a good role in both Euro and domestic competitions.

Marius Deac – Romanian hard man is missing the start of the season as he is getting married, but unless shackles get to tight, he’ll be valuable for the Irish League

Giovanni Michael Pillay – The man-tank is counting his last days in beloved colours of DI HC as he is returning to his native Mauritius to pursue his career. Brother bear, you’ll be missed!

Ladislav Marec – Defensive rock is spending the summer in his lovely Slovakia and is joining the team soon. Attackers beware!

Gintaras Janulevicius – Still unsure whether the Lithuanian dynamo will travel to Malta or not, but lucidity of his actions will be welcome at any time.

Marko Brezac – Croatian rocket launcher will be tearing the nets of our opponents for another year.

Hichem Sefroun – Returning injury will prevent Algerian cannon man to operate for the start of the season, but hoping to have him back soon.

Steve Geffroy – French speedster had a good first season last year and will be a big part of this year’s effort.

Thomas Grassl – Professor’s expertise reaches further than maths and pouring of good Bavarian beer. Unreadable shots will frustrate goalies in Europe and at home.

Marian Celko – Slovakian hustler is missing Euro Cup, but his fast breaks will put the fear of life into other Premier League teams.

Rade Arsenovic – Thirty seven years young, pride of Serbia seems to have decided that this is his last hurray on the handball court. The winger will surely be part of the club beyond his playing years.

New Additions:

Kari Andresson – Islando-Irish youngster comes with a good pedigree. Handballing family has produced not only talented but also dedicated player. Despite his 17 years of age, a lot is expected from this young man.

Ivan Karpenko – Another youngster with handball in his genes. Ukrainian missed last season, but improvements are expected as the season goes on.

Mateusz Boron – Probably the best news of all. Polish glider is back after a year away and if you want to learn how to play wing, come see DI HC this season!

Eder Da Silva – Brazilian spent frustrating last season in DCU, and decided to come join the Champions this year. Welcome Eder!

Dariusz Ciba from Poland and Nino Leutizar from Croatia just joined the club and are still unknown quantities. However, these two centre backs come with good references and surely will come good.

So far these are the 2011/2012 warriors of DI HC. Keep checking the site for more updates a registration deadline for Europe (5th Sept) looms.