DIHC AGM 2nd October 2017 – Minutes

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Attendance: Everyone from Board was present, 20+ players attended AGM.

Tomas (former sporting director) opens up the floor and introduces the election and term period of 4 years for the different roles:

– President

– Secretary

– Treasure

– Sporting Director

– Men’s Representative

– Women’s Representative

– Founding Member Representative


The different roles are explained by the current holder to the audience.


Tomas Grassl explains the role of the President and what was  achieved in the last four years:

– Formation of a women team

– Performance of the woman team

– Club achievements (League and Cup)

– Organisational Change (New constitution + registration as a Tax exempt entity with the Irish revenue office)


Amalric explains the role of the secretary and what was achieved in the last four years:

– Working with the league committee to schedule matches

– Online efforts (website, SEO, etc.)

– Organisational tasks and presidential support


Christian explains the role of the treasure and what was achieved in the last for years:

– Formation of sponsorship structure

– Successful sponsorships and big thanks to Vasile Golban!

– Collections, payments (hall, referees, registrations, etc.)


Gabi explains the role of women representative and her attendance at EHF events on behalf of DIHC.


Regis, not present, the role is explained by Tomas Martinois.


Tomas Martinonis explains the role of the Sporting Director:

– organising team and matches

– Dealing with hall and booking hall

– Supporting coach and organising training when relevant


The floor was opened to questions on the roles or election.


The election is initiated.


First role women representative. Gabi decides to step down. Velta was suggested and volunteers. Unanimously accepted by all players.


Men representative. Tomas Martionois informs that Regis decides to step down. Dragos and Thomas Bihan are suggested as the new representative for men. Players accept both nominations. Dragos is absent. Thomas Bihan accepts and volunteers. Unanimously accepted by players.


President selection. Thomas Grassl informs he wants to make space for new blood. Gabi, Velta, Pedro and Thomas Grassl are all suggested as the new representative. Thomas accepts to volunteer. Players unanimously accept Thomas Grassl to continue as president.


Secretary selection. Amalric informs he wants to step down. No players were suggested. Christian volunteers. Unanimously accepted as the new secretary.


Treasurer selection. Christian informs he wishes to step down as treasurer. Regis is suggested by Tomas Martinonis. Tomas tells Regis has accepted to volunteer. Players unanimously accept Regis as new treasure.


Sporting Director selection. Tomas Martinonis informs he wishes to step back after ten years in the role. Gabi is suggested as new sporting director. Gabi accepts to volunteer, with support from Tomas Martinonis. Players unanimously accept.


Amalric informs that the former board has suggested for an affiliate position for events. Amalric explains events being Gala, Christmas and other relevant events. Magdalena and Xabi are suggested and accepts to volunteer.


Barbara is called out as a the new Social media guru of the club. She has done some great things already and we are really excited about what is to come.


Nicolas introduces himself in his new role as coach. He explains his plan for the season and commitment towards maintaining the last season’s successes.

Nicolas explains his prefered communication style and his three-step plan for the team during the season of 2017/18.

Nicolas shares some of the initial feedback based on his survey of players (50% complete). The majority seems to want a competitive spirit during training.

Nicolas requests a camcorder based on feedback.