DI 50/50 IN DCU!!

Our ladies and boys had a busy weekend of handball, playing against two strong opponents. 

On Saturday, our girls faced the top team in the league, Astra Handball Club. In the first half, they put on an amazing defensive show, with Ingrida guarding the goal and never giving up the lead. Unfortunately, after halftime, their energy began to wane and Astra got back into the game. Despite this set back our girls still managed to take back the lead, but ultimately ended up losing 24-17. Nevertheless, they should be proud of their performance that day and especially congratulate Ingrida who was awarded player of the match.”

Ingrida & Amalia, Players of the Match for DI & Astra respectively

Next, it was time for our boys to face Astra’s Wings Handball Club. Starting off strong with a signature defensive play they kept up their momentum throughout the match without any chance for their opponents to get through even a clean shoot – thanks to Luka’s “Magical” saves! With everyone from the team getting at least some minutes of playtime, coach Tomas was able to test out different strategies in preparation for their upcoming derby against Dublin City Handball next weekend. The game finished with a secure win for our boys, and congratulations go out to Luka who earned another Player of the Match award. 

Luka, DI Player of the Match

This is also an excellent opportunity to extend special wishes from everyone at DI to Goran Seselj, our president and player, for his birthday! 

Match Results