2022/2023 Season on the go!

Saturday 17th of September 2022

Back on the court! After a couple of weeks training the Men team of DIHC was back in action for a friendly game against DCH in the DCU Sports Complex.

DI welcomed new players for this friendly: Constant, Maxime, Antonin, Bartosz, Leo & Nicholas. While such a large intake of new players resulted in some uncertain plays, the attitude and joy of the team is very much what you would expect from DI.

DCU Sports Complex 2022 first friendly match

DI started the match slowly – getting the crew going – leaving space for DCH to position themselves in the lead for most of the match. At the half time whistle DI was 3 points behind with 17 goals on the board.

The second half continued in the same trend as the first. However with 10 minutes to go DI ramped up the play and managed to get into the lead in the last couple of minutes. DI conceded a penalty in the last minute with one point in the lead – but Bart closed the door beautifully to stay in the lead. Uvis and Tomek plotted and executed a splendid air shot in the last seconds to win the match by 2 goals with a final score of 40 to 38.

DIHC will be back on the court for another friendly match on Sunday the 25th of September in Phibblestown Community Center. Both Women & Men teams will play against DCH. Come and join us!


Monday 13th of June

Dublin International Handball club have had their AGM on the club’s 15th anniversary. The meeting was opened by the secretary and over 20 club members were in attendance of the meeting.

The club’s board was due for re-election and the outgoing board was delighted with new members volunteering for positions on the board of management. We are very please to present our new board of management and wish them great success for their 4 year mandate.

Club President: Goran Seselj

Sporting Director: Dan Olaru

Treasurer: Pedro Mesquita Vasconcelos (re-elected)

Secretary: Luka Salacan

Women Player’s representative: Ingrida Zitkeviciene

Men Player’s representative: Vasile Golban

Founding Member: Boris Selak

We would like to thank you the outgoing board for their engagement and dedication over the previous number of years. Namely; Gabriela Rebreanu, Tomas Martinonis, Thomas Grassl & Regis Loubatiere.

We would like to ask every DIHC member to support their new board of management to make the club as successful as possible and offer their help if they can.

123 DI!

DIHC 2018 AGM Summary

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Hello Everyone,

Dublin International Handball Club hosted their 2018 Annual General Meeting in Phibblestown on Monday the 3rd of September.

Tomas Martinonis started by summarising the great 2017/2018 season achievements and laid out the coming season objectives.

Next took place the election of a new women’s player representative to the board and we are delighted to announce that Jehona Jashari, active women player and a key social member of the club accepted the position.

A new treasurer to the club also had to be elected this year and we are delighted to announce that Xabier Muñoz and Pedro Vasconcelos respectively accepted the position of Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer to the boad.

Regis Loubatière stepping down from the role of Treasurer will leave the board and concentrate on the club’s website. Velta Ryan stepped down from women’s player representative due to personal obligation  – we wish her all the best for the future and can only guarantee that she will be greatly missed on the pitch and off the pitch!

Thomas Grassl – DIHC’s president – after welcoming the new members to the board, exposed his summary of last season and his view of the coming season. Followed by a quick financial review – positive thanks to help provided by our sponsors.

The 2018/2019 season coaching team was then introduced to the club members present and will consist of Tomas Martinonis, Goran Seselj & Xabier Muñoz working as partners.

Tomas Martinonis also went through the changes in championship rules for the upcoming season.

Please help us welcome the new board members to their positions!  As well as wishing success to the new and experienced coaching team!

1, 2, 3, DI!

Men’s Match Report: DIHC vs UCD

Sat 19th of April: DIHC vs UCD in Phibblestown at 3.30 pm

Match cancelled earlier in the season… Usual start for DI – slow… Thankfully Dragos Busuioc on the left wing & Paulo B.N. on the line quickly recovered the situation. DI’s defence is strengthening through the first half but this does not seem to impact the UCD players very much. Dragos on the wing has found the way to the net and keeps at it. Captain Tomas Martinonis at the back follows the same recipe and either finds the goal or Paulo on the line who does find the goal as well. Things look good at half time – DI is in the lead by 3 points.

DI keeps cruising in the second half sometimes destabilised by good actions on the right hand side of their keeper. Centre player – Rene Schulz – gets 3 nice goals in this half to complete the job mostly done by Tomas and Dragos. Also note some good moves from Dani Ninho Felíss for the left back or centre position. DI enjoys the last whistle from the referees giving them a 30 to 27 win.

Man of the match: Dragos Busuioc with 10 goals
Good performance: Tomas Martinonis (7 goals) & Paulo B.N. (5 goals)

Men’s Match Report: DIHC vs Lughnasa

Sat 11th of April: DIHC vs Lughnasa in Phibblestown at 3.30 pm

Tough start for DIHC – post few injuries on the squad – not the full effective is present at warm up today. However moral seems good enough. 5 minutes into the game Lughnasa takes the lead by a couple of goals. Not very worried DIHC does not seem to react at all and let it go. DIHC defence is poor and Lughnasa plays well – this is also very true for the offensive phases. Thanks to some great solo goals Lughnasa sits on the bench at half time with a 7 points lead 18 to 11. Note a very good performance from Dragos Busuioc on the wing during this first half.

Tough chat with his players at half time captain Tomas Martinonis is putting the accent on the defence. Back in the game the defence is working better is the keepers can start to work. 10 minutes into the second half DI is back 4 points away thanks to a few good saves and some nice attacks. Lughnasa is fighting back but DI manages to close the gap to only 2 goals 5 minutes before the end. Couple of nice saves from Lughnasa keeper and 1 more ball in the net from their field players and the referees call the end of the game at 27-30.

The defeat takes DI down to the 3 position in the league a game behind Lughnasa second and Astra first. Next game is against UCD 4th in the league – DI will need to win to stay well enough positioned in the table pre play-off entry. Please come and support us next Sunday at Phibblestown!

Man of the match: ‎Regis Loubatiere (I swear i did not pick myself!)

2015 IOHA Cup Report

Sat 28th, Feb: All day at Gormanstown College


Busy day for Irish amateur handballer this Saturday! After a few last minute changes, the 2015 edition of this cup was going to be round-robin tournament (no knock-out stages) for both Ladies and Men. Each game will last 30 mins with no break… On the Ladies side; UCD, Lughnasa, Astra & DIHC were enrolled. For the men; UCD, Lughnasa, Astra, DIHC & Sperrin Spartans. By the way – great to see the Northerners again who are unfortunately not playing the league this year… Read More

Men’s match report: UCC vs DIHC

Sat 21st Feb: UCC vs DIHC at Mardyke Arena at 4 pm

Despite an (relatively) early trip down to Cork – a good squad showed up at the Mardyke Arena including our fervent Romanian supporters (thanks again guys)! Match starts very well for Cork and by the time DI wakes up UCC is leading 6-2. DI’s left winger – Dragos Busuioc – leads the group by getting 4 of the first 5 DI’ goals (5th goal from the new recruit – Piotr Milian)… UCC’s gate keeper shows a few very good saves and get the group of supporters from the south existed. Janek Complak & Hichem Sefroun ‎(العنوان خاطيء) – after a few misses – follow the example set by Dragos and get some goals on the board. In the opposition, the right back wearing the number 15 keeps UCC in the lead by getting a few very goals against a strong defence. At the break UCC is in the lead by 3 points – 17-14.

Back on the field, DI increases the rythme in defence, the ball starts turning smoothly & Tomas Martinonis starts opening fire. UCC – with a single man on the bench – slows down in defence. Quickly enough DI takes the lead helped by its keeper – Jakov Filip Grgurev – smartly lunching fast breaks. Janek leads the show for the Dublin attack with a few acrobatic goals and Hichem nails the keeper down 5 times in this second half. Referees call it done at 35-29 in the favour of the Dubliners.

Men of the match: Dragos Busuioc (8 goals) Janek Complak (10 goals)

Great Performance: Hichem Sefroun (8 goals)

Special Thank you: DI’s supporters who made it down to Cork

Women’s Match report: UCD vs DIHC

Sun 18th Jan – Ladies: ASTRA HC vs DIHC at UCD.

Short (20 mins halves) but intense game for our Ladies. First half started well with few goals from both sides – results of good defensive moves from each side. Note a great addition to our back line – Anne Delfs Lehmann – played very well with Sophie Vicente and Roxane Jaffuel… Despite the power of this trio and help from the rest of group, DI could not break away and finish the first half 5 points all. Difficult come back after the break – DI lets Astra get ahead by 3 goals. Astra plays smartly by defending well and keeps adding to the scoreboard. Nice couple of interceptions and runs from DI’s wing player – Lisa Fauck – keep DI in the race but only allows them to finish 2 points down on their opponent… Final score 13-11. Astra walks away with the glory against DI this weekend!

Lady of the match: Lisa Fauck