DIHC vs. Carlow (men & women)

The 5th of December, DIHC traveled to Carlow to play against the male and female team from Carlow IT.
Carlow IT is a fairly new team but was still able to muster a solid female team with 10+ players and a male team with 15+ players. The court was short, similar to the UCD court, so booth teams were struggling with the short stint on fast breaks.

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Edinburgh Tournament + Trip


As we are slowly getting back to our regular lives after the excitement of the Edinburgh Tournament we have to realize how far has our team come. Just a year ago we attended the same tournament with barely enough players on the men’s team. This year we attended with both a male and female team (including substitutes on both teams) and achieved a result that nobody would expect a year ago. Maybe next year we will do even better considering that the Young Stars Team might help us (more info about the youth section here). Read More