Dublin International will participate to the Edinburgh Tournament the 24th of October

Edinburgh International Handball tournament 2015
Edinburgh International Handball tournament the 24th of October 2015

As every year, DIHC is doing a tournament abroad. It’s always very constructive for the team spirit and gave in the past some really good memory.

This year DIHC have decide to participate to the Edinburgh International Handball Tournament, the 24th of October 2015 for Both Men and Women Team. It will be the first tournament abroad for our women team and we are sure that the men team will help them to made of this adventure a milestone for their new season.

We wish to both team to have a lot of fun, but also to use this opportunities to learn from others type of Handball and also to represent high our colour.

DIHC won the double Men and Women Championship 2015

WE DID IT!!!!!

DIHC Double All-Ireland Championships 2015
DIHC Double All-Ireland Championships 2015

In 2015, Dublin International realise the double men and women in the All-Ireland Championships. The ladies won the title by finishing first of the league (no final 4 is organise for the women league). When the men team did the same scenario than last year, by finishing 2nd of the league and wining the play-off but this time it was again UCD surprising  outsider after their victory against Astra. We want also to congratulate Lughnasa after their tide match against us they success to won the bronze medal after another Tide match.

We wish to our 2 teams the best for the next year with, we hope, the same success and maybe more 2 cup can be add to be a prefect year.  So well done Girls and Boys, keep the good spirit and the love of the game that emanate from you.

Women’s Match report: UCD vs DIHC

Sun 16th Nov – Ladies: UCD vs DIHC at UCD.
Friendly game – not so friendly! Our Ladies started the game as anyone would a Sun at 12am… lol. 10 minutes later and a couple of goals behind they had woken up. Good play started to take place from the trio at the back. Sophie Vicente in the middle lead the game creating positions for her two super shooters Roxane Jaffuel and Aleksandra Radzewicz. After a few important defencive action from Aleksandra and a couple of good goals from Eva Herczeg on the right wing, DIHC was leading 23-20 with 8 minutes left on the clock. UCD took their opportunities and came back in the game to take the lead. Unable to counter the blue jerseys – our ladies left the pitch with a defeat 27-25 but a good lesson learnt – don’t give up…
Note also a good performance from Ingrid Laursen on the line with 3 goals.
Thank you public – not as large as we would expect considering the number of these ladies supporting the men’s team! (hidden message to the boys!)
Lady of the game: Roxane Jaffuel with 11 goals.

Men’s Match report: UCD vs DIHC

Sun 16th Nov – Men: UCD vs DIHC at 3.30pm.
Hard start for the men too… Very balanced 1st half with 14 goals for the each side. DI’s captain, Tomas Martinonis – role modelling good attitude on the pitch – tries to motivate the group. Marian Celko buys in with quiet a few good actions and goals. Despite very good discipline in defence DI lacks of success and probably concentration in attack. After multiple great saves from DI’s keeper jakov UCD does not manage to brake away. A few minutes to the end it is still a draw at 20-20. Tomas again brakes the ice to allow DI to take the lead – well followed offensively by Rene and Marian to conclude the game at 24-22.
DI brings 2 more important points back home for the league!
Well done guys and thank you to the usual great public.
Also thank you to DCH for encouraging our captain every time he touch the ball in the first 15 mins (worked great…)
Man of the match: Jakov Filip Grgurev
Excellent performance: Tomas with 12 goals

Men’s Match report: Lughasa vs DIHC

Sat 8th Nov at 17:30: Lughasa vs DIHC at St Columba’s.
Slow start of the season for our men! Against an unfortunate Lughnasa with no field players on the bench, DI starts slowly in the first half with little attacking power and a good few shots off target but a usual good defence. Smart coaching from Tomas Martinonis using all players on bench and fresh play at all times DI walks off the pitch at half time with a 5 point lead. Lughnasa came back on the field with some good actions coming from the centre and right back with good line support but not enough fresh blood to defeat a solid defence and a brilliant Jakov Filip Grgurev in the goal. DI’s offence also shaped up with more movement, very good finishing by the line player Janek Complak – well back up by the new recruit Emil Højbjerg Madsen – and a very efficient performance from Thomas Grassl on the right wing – 4 out of 4. DI did finish the game with a 27-20 lead and some satisfactions on the defence organisation and most player’ names on the scorecard, as well as 2 important points on the League’s board.
Thank you to all supporters who made the trip to St Columba’s!
Man of the match: Janek Complak

DIHC men keep is title and the women won the bronze medal

Irish handball cup
Irish cup DI man and women team

What the day for Dublin International Handball Club, girls won bronze in their first ever Cup outing, while boys won the 2014 IOHA cup.The cup back to its rightful place and natural order restored.
Result of the final: Dublin International HC 16 – 15 Astra HC.
Man of the tournament: Janek Complak.

Also we want to congratulate the women team for their first victory against UCD.

Many thanks to all the fans and families for their support throughout the cup. A fantastic help for the club.