D.I. compete in Europe

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Sunday, 18 October 2009
Dublin International travelled to Sisak, Croatia to participate in the EHF Challenge Trophy after being drawn against Drammen HK, Sisak and Pals Groep/E&O. Having added to its already strong team in the summer, D.I. went hoping to give a good account of themselves.

The offical opening of the second round of the EHF Challenge Trophy took place at city hall with a reception hosted by the major of Sisak, and avid sports fan, Dinko Pintarić. Mr Pintarić greated all teams welcome and decleared how proud the city was to host such a major tournament.

The first match saw Dublin International take on the group favorites Drammen HK from Norway. Drammen HK is Dublin International club presidents home town club which added to the spirit of the game. The match was one sided from start to finish and served as a reminder that Drammen HK, although playing againt a weaker opponants, intended to win the tournament in style and they turned on their style by running D.I. raggid with their high intencity game. Drammen HK, who played Champions League handball last season, beat D.I. 43 – 11.

Dublin International took on dutch side Pals Groep/E&O looking to improve on the firt match display. And to the suprise of the dutch, D.I. played very well and showed that they where here to prove that Irish has a future. After 10 minutes, D.I. where leading the match by. The dutch took a time out to and made some changes to gain control of the match. D.I. playing against paid professionals started to faulter and the dutch showed their quality by taking the match 39 – 20. After the match, D.I. received praise from their hosts for showing heart and quality during the match.

The last match of the tournament saw Sisak, tournament hosts, take on D.I. The Croatians fielded their best players for the start of the game and took control of the game early. They won the game in simular fashion to Drammen, winning 48 – 15.

Final table:

 Teams  Games  W  D  L  Goals  Diff  Points
 1  Drammen HK      3  3  0  0  120:73  47     9
 2  Sisak      3  2  0  1  112:79  33     6
 3  Pals Groep/E&O      3  1  0  2  102:98   4     2
 4  Dublin International      3  0  0  3  46:130  -84     0