2022/2023 Season on the go!

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Saturday 17th of September 2022

Back on the court! After a couple of weeks training the Men team of DIHC was back in action for a friendly game against DCH in the DCU Sports Complex.

DI welcomed new players for this friendly: Constant, Maxime, Antonin, Bartosz, Leo & Nicholas. While such a large intake of new players resulted in some uncertain plays, the attitude and joy of the team is very much what you would expect from DI.

DCU Sports Complex 2022 first friendly match

DI started the match slowly – getting the crew going – leaving space for DCH to position themselves in the lead for most of the match. At the half time whistle DI was 3 points behind with 17 goals on the board.

The second half continued in the same trend as the first. However with 10 minutes to go DI ramped up the play and managed to get into the lead in the last couple of minutes. DI conceded a penalty in the last minute with one point in the lead – but Bart closed the door beautifully to stay in the lead. Uvis and Tomek plotted and executed a splendid air shot in the last seconds to win the match by 2 goals with a final score of 40 to 38.

DIHC will be back on the court for another friendly match on Sunday the 25th of September in Phibblestown Community Center. Both Women & Men teams will play against DCH. Come and join us!