2015 IOHA Cup Report

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Sat 28th, Feb: All day at Gormanstown College


Busy day for Irish amateur handballer this Saturday! After a few last minute changes, the 2015 edition of this cup was going to be round-robin tournament (no knock-out stages) for both Ladies and Men. Each game will last 30 mins with no break… On the Ladies side; UCD, Lughnasa, Astra & DIHC were enrolled. For the men; UCD, Lughnasa, Astra, DIHC & Sperrin Spartans. By the way – great to see the Northerners again who are unfortunately not playing the league this year…

Ladies’ tournament: 

DI ladies get to start against Astra. They get straight into the game and doing okay. Half way through the game they leave a little bit of space for Astra and lose some success on the shooting. Astra gets away with a victory.

They come back to the floor 45 mins later – not discouraged – to face Lughnasa. Coach Eva Herczeg brings a little change to the back line which seems to have smoothen the attack and strengthen the defence… The ball travels very well in attack with either Bettina Bordas or Sophie Vicente in the middle position. DI walks away with a good win but unfortunately losses its right back – Roxane Jaffuel – on injury in literally the last minute of the game. Note some very nice saves from DI’s side as well…

To end this sport’s day the Ladies face the blue jerseys of UCD… They – again – find the key to success by defending very well and moving the ball forward.

IMG_3799Good day for the Ladies coming 2nd behind Astra and ahead of Lughnasa and UCD respectively. Note that it is only the second participation to this cup of the recently formed DI Ladies team… Great achievement.

Men’s tournament: 

DI’s Men start pretty early (10.15am) against Sperrin Spartans. Motivation has made the date – the 16 players on the match sheet are there to play and play well! Player/Coach – Tomas Martinonis – gets to sit on the bench and do some coaching… Thanks to every players contribution DI stays in the lead from start to finish. Great start of the tournament.

Second game is against is UCD – motivation is still there on DI’s side but quality finish does make the start of the game. UCD’s keeper – Will Back – does a good job. Half way through the game – DI suddenly decides to get in control of the game… mainly thanks to a strengthen defence, DI gets the lead and gets the game.

After 2 victories – the 3rd opponent is Lughnasa… Young and fast – they will try and leave DI on the heels! DI stays exemplary in defence through the game  and the keepers show a few good saves. The ball is turning well enough in attack and finds its way to the net often enough… DI makes this one as well.

IMG_3940Last but not least, our athletes (that’s only valid for some of them) face Astra – unbeaten throughout the tournament – this is not but is a final! Mixed feelings in the team – players are on the pitch but motivation is not as obvious as it was earlier the same morning. Astra plays very well and quickly sit in the lead 4 to 6 points ahead of DI… Janek Complak models good behaviour both in defence and attack but it is not enough for DI to gain traction again. Astra wins this game and by consequence wins the cup.

Overall the Men did show some good sIMG_3928tuff over the day – their defence has stayed straight through most of the tournament. The attack has not worked in the last game but they still made the second position of this tournament! Most of them may not be fully satisfied has they well know the taste of gold having won the last 3 editions of this cup… I am sure we will
see them wearing gold again!

Lady and Man of the day: Everyone! For being a great supporter, a great player or a great coach! Thanks for being A part of DI!