Coach Tomas Martinonis Interviewed by Blanch Gazette

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.21.29Coach Tomas met James Hendicott from Blanchardstown Gazette for an interview.
Key take away communicated by James is that Olympic Handball is a fast ball sport with a quite a few similarities with GAA football but has the great advantage – in Ireland – to be played indoor! lol…

Tomas uses the opportunity to welcome any new players regardless of their age or level. Everyone is welcome to Dublin International Hanball Club!

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Big Thanks to James and Blanch Gazette.


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Coach Dani Gordo visits DIHC

IMG_0143Surprise visit from Dani on Monday the 9th of November.

Dani is 34 years of age and has been coaching handball since the age of 15 and has played in the goals before that. He is originally from Villadolid in the north of Spain but now lives in Leon where he is involved as a coach in Ademar Leon Handball Club – home club of world class players like Entrerrios, Julen Aguinagalde, Carlos Ruesga, Antonio García, Venio Losert, Iker Romero, Juanin García, etc… He started coaching teams in 2007 for Ademar Leon before he was given the task of assistant coach for the season 2012/2013 when Ademar finished 4th in the Asobal League (1st spanish league) and got to participate in the European Champions League. He then became the head coach for 2 consecutive seasons for Ademar while the team played in the Asobal League. (more…)

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Women’s Match Report: UCD vs DIHC

Sun 1st of November: UCD vs DIHC in UCD sports centre at 10.30 am

DIHC – defending their title – start the season with a convincing victory against UCD 23-31

women UCD DIHC
UCD vs DIHC, coach time

Only a week after winning the Edinburgh International Handball Tournament, DI ladies were impatient to start the IOHA league. Unfortunately a lot of the players were sick or unavailable for this first match… (more…)

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Edinburgh Tournament + Trip


As we are slowly getting back to our regular lives after the excitement of the Edinburgh Tournament we have to realize how far has our team come. Just a year ago we attended the same tournament with barely enough players on the men’s team. This year we attended with both a male and female team (including substitutes on both teams) and achieved a result that nobody would expect a year ago. Maybe next year we will do even better considering that the Young Stars Team might help us (more info about the youth section here). (more…)

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