How well do you know the rules of Handball?

We often complain when the referee calls the shots on the pitch and how we know the rules better. But, how well do you know the rules?

Here is a link to a mini-quiz, there is a short version (10 questions) and a long version (30 questions). For the quiz, when an incorrect answer is given, rules will be referenced, e.g. Correct answers: a, b (2:7, 12:1, 15:5b).

Did you know every player and coach should be familiar with the rules of Handball?

Maybe it is time for a quick refresh of the rules. Here are a few sources to get you started:

If you are a referee or would like to volunteer to become one, why not drop us a line and let us know about your interest! We would be keen to help you become a certified referee of the Irish Olympic Handball league.

Dublin International HC 2013/2014 Season Schedule

Find below the schedule of the new season 2013/2014 of the Men Senior’s team

    • MPL 1 : 19 Oct 2013 – Lughnasa vs DIHC at St.Columbas
    • MPL 2 :  9 Nov 2013 – DIHC vs Mid Ulster at Phibblestown
    • MPL 3 :23 Nov 2013 – DIHC vs Astra HC at Phibblestown
    • MPL 4 : 7 Dec 2013 – DIHC vs Lughnasa at Phibblestown
    • MPL 5 :14 Dec 2013 – DIHC vs UCC at Phibblestown
    • MPL 6 :25 Jan 2014 – DIHC vs Belfast at Phibblestown
    • MPL 7 :15 Feb 2014 – DCU vs DIHC at DCU
    • MPL 8 :22 Feb 2014 – DIHC vs UCD at Phibblestown
    • Cup Robin 1 Mar 2014 T B A
    • Cup Final 2 Mar 2014
    • MPL 9 :15 Mar 2014 – DIHC vs DCU at Phibblestown
    • MPL 10: 16 Mar 2014 – UCD vs DIHC at Belfield
    • MPL 11: 23 Mar 2014 – UCC vs DIHC at Mardyke Arena, Cork
    • MPL 12: 29 Mar 2014 – Mid Ulster vs DIHC at TBA
    • MPL 13: 30 Mar 2014 – Belfast vs DIHC at TBA
    • MPL 14: 13 April 2014 – Astra HC vs DIHC at Loughlinstown
    • MPL Final4 26 April 2014 Semi Finals
    • MPL Final4 27 April 2014 Finals

MPL – Men’s Premier League ; Game times to be announced soon

Zoti Sports & DIHC Partnership

Dublin International HC is pleased to announce a partnership Zoti Sports as the future supplier of team kits.

Zoti Sports specializes in supplying custom-made match clothing and sportswear. Check out the new match jerseys.

Zoti Team Kit
Zoti Team Kit

The partnership with Zoti Sports continues growing! The brand new DI replica gear is now available direct from our kit supplier Zoti Sports. Dublin International signed a 3 year partnership agreement with Zoti Sports over the summer. Not only have Zoti Sports designed and manufactured a high quality and exciting match day kit, but they also offer a full range of junior and senior custom made merchandise from Hoodies to Bags and Caps to Tracksuits. The new range is available exclusively through the Zoti Sports website and ordering couldn’t be simpler. Stay tuned for the launch of the online shop.


New Board of management

During our last General assembly a new management board was elected. Here is the new structure:

  • President: Dr. Thomas Grassl
  • Sporting Director: Mr Tomas Martinonis
  • Secretary: Mr Amalric Burgeolle
  • Treasurer: Mr Christian Petersen
  • Board Members: Mr Marian Celko and Boris Selak
  • International Representative: Magnus Sean Clarke